In Kintu and Nambi’s Footsteps- Cultural Tour

  • Enjoying Fresh Sugarcane at Entanda
  • Cultural Dances at Etanda near Tanda pits
  • Kabakas Palace Lubiri
  • Discover Buganda's 52 Clan monuments-Kintu and Nambi Tour
  • Fruit Buffet and Entanda Cultural Centre
  • Luwombo Food Experience
Lubiri Palace- In Kintu and Nambi's Footsteps
Lubiri Palace- In Kintu and Nambi’s Footsteps

Are you ready for an extraordinary cultural adventure that weaves together history, tradition, and the captivating legend of Kintu and Nambi? Welcome to our Buganda Cultural Excursion—an exclusive one-of-a-kind tour that’s not just a trip, but an exhilarating voyage of learning, exploration, and unforgettable experiences.

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Imagine stepping into the very essence of Buganda’s rich heritage, where the past and present merge seamlessly. Our adventure begins at the regal Lubiri Palace, where you’ll walk in the footsteps of kings and queens. But this isn’t just a palace; it’s a living tapestry of Buganda’s history, filled with royal regalia and stories that have breathed life into the kingdom.

Kabaka Anjagala Road- Kintu and Nambi 's Footsteps
Kabaka Anjagala Road with beautiful Candlenut Trees

Now, picture yourself strolling along the iconic Royal Mile “Kabaka Anjagala”, just like Kintu and Nambi once did. Beneath the magnificent Candlenut trees, you’ll discover the 52 vibrant tribes of Buganda, each with its unique traditions and customs. This is where their incredible journey began, and you’ll follow in their footsteps, reliving their story.

But there’s more to come!

Luwombo Delicious Cuisine Entanda Centre
Luwombo Delicious Cuisine Entanda Centre

As we journey on, our path leads us to the enticing flavors of Uganda at Entanda Cultural Village. It’s not just a meal; it’s a culinary masterpiece! You’ll savor the mouthwatering “Luwombo” lunch—a delightful dish that encapsulates the very essence of Ugandan cuisine. And for dessert, dive into a medley of seasonal fruits, a taste of Uganda’s tropical bounty.

The adventure continues in the afternoon as we venture to the historic grounds of Tanda, where legends were born. The epic battle between Kayikuzi and Walumbe left behind massive pits that still resonate with tales of bravery. Here, you’ll explore the customs that have shaped Buganda’s traditions and culture.


At Entanda Cultural Village, tradition meets innovation in a vibrant blend. Engage in music, storytelling, games, and even unique hunting expeditions that contribute to wildlife conservation. Here, you’ll truly immerse yourself in the spirit of Buganda’s living heritage.

And we’re not done yet!

As the day draws to a close, prepare to be mesmerized by a spectacular dance and drama session. This is where Buganda’s culture comes alive in a whirlwind of traditional music, captivating dances, and dramatic performances. It’s a grand celebration of Kintu and Nambi’s timeless love story through art and movement.

So, are you ready to embark on this thrilling Buganda Cultural Excursion? It’s not just a tour; it’s an epic adventure that promises excitement, discovery, and the heartfelt embrace of Buganda’s vibrant culture. Join us on this legendary journey today!

Cultural Dances at Etanda near Tanda pits