5 Day Albertine Specials Safari Uganda: Gorillas And Volcanoes

  • Craters and Volcanoes-Albertine Rift
  • Lake Mulehe Room
  • Lake Mulehe

Africa is an ever-changing land with a turbulent past and an unpredictable future. One of the most impactful influences on the land is the Albertine Rift, the western arm of the Great Rift Valley which tears up East Africa with the continuous twisting and buckling of the earth’s crust.

The western arm of the Rift Valley is known as the Albertine Rift, after Lake Albert and extends from the northern tip of the lake to the southern end of Lake Tanganyika. Albertine rift is one of the most bio-diverse regions on the continent, endowed with a variety of ecosystems ranging from the snow-capped Mt Rwenzori, montane mid-altitude and lowland forests, savannahs, woodlands and several streams and rivers that drain into numerous lakes.

With more than half of Africa’s birds, 40% of Africa’s mammals and 20% of its amphibians and plants, it contains more vertebrate species than anywhere else on the continent. The land also conserves more threatened and endemic species than any other region in Africa, and as a result, is an Endemic Bird Area and a Biodiversity Hotspot. The Albertine Rift is the most prolific haven on earth.

This package takes you to the beautiful Albertine region and introduces you to the beauty and diversity of this region. You will trek the last remaining endangered Mountain gorillas in the montane tropical forest of Bwindi, enjoy the region’s biodiversity, and relax by the picturesque lakes and volcano backdrops all the while interacting with the beautiful local people who call this heaven home.