Crater safari Lodge- Albertine RiftUganda is a small landlocked country located in the heart of Africa. But what it lacks in size, it packs a lot more in diversity. The country is where the equator cuts right across the middle of the continent. To the North lies an immense desert the size of the USA, to the West, a vast forest the size of India, and to the East and South, the most fertile savannas in the world. We have combined the spectacular ten reasons to visit Uganda. Hope these will inspire you to explore with us!

Focus on Eco-Tourism

Uganda is the country where these unique ecosystems merge, and with such diversity in landscapes, so is the wildlife that calls Uganda home. The Ugandan Government has seen the importance of protecting such uniqueness by focusing all its efforts on Eco-Tourism. The country has based its tourism industry on attracting the discerning traveler who is willing to pay slightly more for the privilege of visiting the remoter areas of the country, rather than trying to attract the masses which inevitably detracts from the whole Safari experience.

When you visit Uganda, you will find that the country is one of the few places on earth where you will find boundless diversity and spectacular natural wonders with very few visitor numbers

Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Primates

Uganda is the country where the great Congo rainforests in the West merge into the vast savannah grasslands in the East. The Bwindi and Virunga mountainous forests are where the last Mountain gorillas, less than 700 individuals still roam the wild. These Critically endangered animals face extinction due to habitat loss and poaching. But Uganda is the country that has dedicated immense resources to saving these magnificent vegetarian giants.  Uganda boasts the highest number of endangered mountain gorillas, with about 460 individuals. These gorillas are famous because of the relatively lower price of Gorilla Permits, easy access to the national parks, and safety while trekking to the deep forests that these animals call home.

Golden Monkey in Mgahinga National Park

Indeed a visit to Uganda is never complete without a visit to Mountain Gorilla land.

Uganda has the highest density of primates in the entire world. Apart from the mountain gorillas, you can spend days trekking the forest with chimpanzees on some of our habituation programs, learning more about the life of these magnificent curious animals that share 97.8% DNA with us. It’s amazing how similar they are to us!

Other species you can enjoy while in Uganda include the Golden monkeys, Mangabeys, Baboons, Black and white colobus, Vervet, L’Hoest, Red-tailed and Blue monkeys among others. Uganda is also blessed with cute adorable nocturnal species like Bushbabies and Pottos. Visit Uganda if you are a primate Enthusiast. Uganda is surely the place to be for memorable primate watching.

Diverse Landscapes

With its location in the heart of Africa, Uganda is blessed with diverse landscapes rarely found in any other country. When you visit Uganda, a dramatic patchwork of landscapes awaits you. Here you can explore the snow-capped peaks of the Mountains of the Moon, The Rwenzoris, or navigate your way around the country’s many volcanoes, most dormant with beautiful lakes. Visit the semi-arid desert-like lands of the North or don your explorer’s hat and travel deep within the pristine rainforest jungles of the West. You will get to stand astride the northern and southern hemispheres at the same time then unwind on the pristine white sand beaches of Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria. Uganda sounds like a dream destination, offering something for everyone. Visit Uganda to enjoy these amazing landscapes.

Birder’s Paradise

African Jacana is common in wetlandsWith such varied landscapes, Uganda’s birdlife is as diverse. This small country has recorded over a thousand different species of birds and 58% of all the African birds are in Uganda! The birdlife is bountiful here. Uganda’s jewel in the bird world is the Giant Pre-Historic looking bird- The Shoebill Stork. Standing well over a meter tall, this odd bird can be found silently roaming the swamps trying to catch its favorite fish, Catfish. The sight of the Shoebill in its natural habitat silently fishing and raising its solo chick is worth much more than you can imagine. 

Witness Pied Kingfishers suspended over water, Martial eagles hunting for small monkeys, Fish Eagles calling plaintively along the water’s edge, African parrots enjoying fruits outside your garden, and hundreds of migrant water birds basking on the sandy shores on the Kazinga channel. Visit Uganda with us if you are a bird lover. Uganda is surely a birder’s Paradise!

Africa’s Big 5 and other Wildlife

Curious about Africa’s Big 5? Do not look any further than Uganda. The Great Savannahs of East Africa are an ever-changing land with a turbulent past and present. Surrounded by mighty mountains and steaming swamps and large water bodies, the land is the most prolific haven for the large game on earth.

The Great Rift Valley is a land torn apart by the twisting and buckling of the Earth’s crust. A land that forces the animals to gamble with their lives. This is one of the most fertile landscapes on earth! Here the great Giants roam the earth freely, migrating and feeding on the grasslands that sustain their lives.

ElephantsAfrica’s Big 5 animals are prolific in Uganda. Why are they called the Big 5?

The Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, and Rhino, which was originally extinct in Uganda but due to conservation efforts, the Rhino numbers are building.  These were the most dangerous, unpredictable, intimidating, and most fierce of animals that past hunters were keen on shooting. Dead. Today these are the most photographically “shot” animals! Visit Uganda to get sightings and photograph the amazing Big 5. At Agiire Travel, We get you off the beaten path to have real-world experiences, as we make your travel easy and safe to view Africa’s Big 5 and many more.

Diverse People and Culture

Ugandan Girl at her Traditional Wedding
Ugandan Girl at her Traditional Wedding

Uganda is a melting pot of tribes and cultures. With over 56 tribes, despite urbanization, we still clutch to our traditional cultures, governance, and celebrations that are our culture. Whether it’s the traditional “Okwanjula” Introduction weddings with elaborate traditional wear and dowry gifts, to the annual Mass Male Circumcision bi-annual events of the Masaaba Mt.Elgon tribes, The traditional Bomas where the Karamajong worship their cows to the Ankole cattle keepers with their big horn cattle that are a treasure to the tribes. . We love, preserve and proudly partake in all these elaborate spectacles that preserve our traditions and customs. Visit Uganda and explore these diverse cultures.

Uganda’s Tropical Climate

Fort Portal, Land of 100 lakes
Fort Portal, Land of 100 lakes

Uganda is located directly astride the equator and most of the country lies 2000 meters above sea level. This gives the country the advantage of having a beautiful sun-kissed climate that lasts throughout the year, supporting its lush ecosystems and geographical wonders.

Uganda has only two seasons. Wet and Dry, with perpetual sunshine every day of the year.  This gives the country a perfectly tempered climate for travel, touring, and adventure throughout the year. Food and fruits grow in abundance and Uganda is known as East Africa’s Food Basket. Immense yourself in amazing sights of gold and yellow. Soak up some sun on our dreamy beaches, and enjoy the cool silky star-filled nights. Explore our lush Equatorial vegetation and let the natural beauty of Uganda dazzle you on your trip with us!

The Nile, Lake Victoria, Craters and the Great Lakes of East Africa

Uganda has the most lakes in Africa
Uganda has the most lakes in Africa

Uganda is a country truly “Gifted by Nature” in all true senses and when it comes to natural water bodies there is no exception. The world’s longest river The Nile, also known as the father of African rivers, robustly begins its 6,650-kilometer journey to the North of Africa providing life, food, transport, shelter and so much more for the societies living along its course.

The Nile has given rise to some of the most ancient civilizations and societies and its significance in Uganda is immeasurable.  Tourism has been boosted at the Source of the Nile in Jinja which has fast become Africa’s Adrenaline Capital with numerous water activities to delight thrill seekers from all over the world. We always encourage at least one day of activities to visit this Amazing River for all ages of visitors.

The Great Lakes of Africa were formed by the tectonic activities of the Great Rift Valley. These Great lakes constitute 25% of the planet’s unfrozen surface freshwater and are an ancient home of great biodiversity with 10% of the World’s fish species living here.

Uganda is blessed with four of these Great Lakes along its borders, and with this, the country ranks as one of the world’s largest producers of freshwater fish. Fishing in Uganda is a grand thrilling activity with the prized catch being the Gigantic Nile Perch that can weigh more than 200 kilos!

Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake is shared between Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya, and its beautiful sandy shores is a great attraction for Rest and Recuperation after an adventurous safari.  The lakes are also an important habitat for wildlife with numerous numbers of Nile Crocodiles, hippopotamus, elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, and predators that follow their prey.

The Rwenzoris, Mountains of the Moon

Snow Capped Rwenzori Mountains
Snow Capped Rwenzori Mountains

The legendary Mountains of the Moon, the Rwenzori Mountains tower over 5,109 meters above sea level and are one of Uganda’s main tourist attractions.  Known as The Rain Maker in the local dialect, these mountain ranges are the highest on the continent and home to the largest glaciers in Africa. One of the most breathtaking sights in Africa. The heights from these peaks mean they make their own weather and are the source of the Albertine Nile. Our thick rainforests also owe their existence to the towering Rwenzori Mountains. Because of its beauty and unique topography, UNESCO declared the mountains a Natural World Heritage Site! Just a few miles away from the equator the Rwenzori mountains with its spectacular glaciers still have the power to surprise and enchant visitors.

Hospitality, Safety, and Vibrant Nightlife

Blankets and Wine Event Uganda

One thing about Ugandans is how welcoming and hospitable they are. Everywhere you travel across the company you will be welcomed with huge smiles and eager children waving to you as you pass by. Uganda over the years has been voted “Most Friendliest Country” for both tourists and ex-pats according to surveys done by BBC.

It is also generally safe to move around the country with low numbers of pickpocketing and harassment of tourists on the streets. But just like any city, one should be aware of a few elements who may want to con tourists or engage in petty crime. Uganda is dedicated to protecting tourists and has set up Tourism police which can be located in every district of the country, especially the Tourist Hotspots.

Uganda has a very vibrant Nightlife with clubs pubs and several entertainment areas where tourists can enjoy the nightlife. Ugandans love to party with most bars and clubs open until early the next morning. Taxis and Ubers are easily available to take revelers back home after a wild night out. 

Big events and concerts are also popular with both locals and visitors in Uganda, some festivals lasting several days and attracting visitors from all over the world. When in Uganda you will surely enjoy the vibrant life no matter which district you visit.





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